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Our Staff

Cody, Shannon, Judy & Bob Goodner

Cody Goodner, Shannon Goodner-Akers, Judy & Bob Goodner – Owners Since 1995

Our Pledge To You…

We know that we have a sacred trust and obligation to every owner…and to the entire community.

We pledge that every detail will be carefully planned to give comfort and hope to the living and to insure the safe and dignified rest of their loved ones for all times.

We pledge to all our families the warm and sincere services of our trained counselors, and the entire staff, ready to help and serve whenever we are needed.

We pledge constant care of the gracious lawns and gardens, the countless trees and handsome features that make our park such a beautiful part of our community.  Through our established perpetual care fund since 1957, this beauty will be lasting, and within the means of all.

We pledge that Mimosa Pines Garden of Memories Inc., will always be kept a pleasant haven, where all who visit may renew dear memories with quiet inspiration and take the peace to be found there.

Our Staff

Herbert & Etha Belle Moye – Founded Mimosa Pines in 1954

Judy Goodner

Judy Goodner – Owner Since 1995

Vincent Ceasar – Faithful Employee of Mimosa Pines for over 50 Years

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North (18 acres) -
Jim Pickens Road, Hwy. 27 North
South (60 acres) -
568 Belle Moye Road, Hwy. 27 South
P.O. Box 979
Sulphur, Louisiana 70664-0979
Phone: (337) 583-2807