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Rules and Regulations:

1.Mimosa Pines Garden of Memories DOES NOT permit the scattering of remains.

2. Additional charges are applied to immediate burial, weekend services, and holiday services.

3.All internment fees,services, and merchandise MUST be paid in full before the services are rendered.

4.NO alcoholic beverages are permitted within cemetery grounds or at any service taking place.

5.The corporation shall not be liable for loss or damage caused by the act of God, common enemy,


thieves, vandals, strikers, malicious mischief, unavoidable accidents, riot or order of military or civil authority,


or other acts or events beyond the corporation's control. 

6.Certain ornaments prohibited.No shells, toys, metal designs, shepherd hooks, ornaments, baskets, potted

plants, crosses, statues, wind-chimes, flower stands, glass, metal, work or iron cases, or wires, such as


coat hangers, nor small rocks or marbles may not be used to secure vases. No alcohol containers may be


left on grave. No digging of holes around marker are prohibited. No turf grass carpet. The cemetery has


the right to remove items for safety and unsightly reasons. The cemetery has the right to poison grass


around head stone during summer months. The cemetery has the right to keep everything uniformed with


their standards and safety for up-keeping.

7.ALL ITEMS must be placed within vases during mowing season due to safety reasons. 

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